Mining for Gold

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Sometimes if you look very closely at something, you can see the hidden beauty in it. For instance, take gold mining. Prospectors spend days dredging sludge off of the bottom of a river and running it through a series of sieves to find tiny flecks of gold.If you want to succeed in your marketplace, you should take a very close look at your market. You need to have established some goals for your business and linked these to a set of performance metrics before you enter a particular market.

Once you have done your homework and know where you are going, pay particular attention to the group of people that are hyper-sensitive in your market place. You will usually find that there are a small number of people who will buy everything they can get their hands on in any one particular market.

And if you have done your homework, you can piggyback on your competitors work to snatch those customers early in the buying cycle. How, you ask? Remember to look closely for the little flecks of gold.


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